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I'm Unman

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I'm a Calligrapher, Engraver and a Positive Psychologist.


I love applying the learnings of Positive Psychology into the art of calligraphy. Infact the name 'Savor' of my calligraphy studio is an exemplar of that as my PhD topic was 'Savoring in married couples.'


My style of calligraphy is Copperplate, Modern, Devnagri and Gurmukhi. Savor provides me with a platform to not only work on paper but various other surfaces as well like acrylic, wood, glass, ceramic, metal, canvas, etc.


The best thing about calligraphy is that it takes personalization to the next level and I feel great contributing to the happiness of my clients who want customized gifts and products.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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